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Carolyn Parrish biography

Carolyn Parrish Biography – Who is Carolyn Parrish? Carolyn Parrish, born Karolina Janoszewska on October 3, 1946, is a prominent Canadian politician and the mayor-elect of Mississauga, Ontario. She has had an extensive career in politics, marked by her service as a member of the House of Commons from 1993 to 2006. Initially, Parrish represented ridings in Mississauga as a Liberal Party Member of Parliament (MP) before continuing as an independent MP from 2004 to 2006.

In 2006, Parrish transitioned to municipal politics, serving as a city councillor for Mississauga until 2010. After a brief hiatus from politics, she made a comeback in 2014, winning the position of Councillor for Ward 5. Her latest political journey saw her resigning on March 15, 2024, to contest the Mississauga mayoral by-election, which she won, becoming the mayor-elect.

Carolyn Parrish Biography

Carolyn Parrish Age

Carolyn Parrish will celebrate her 78th birthday on October 3, 2024. Despite her age, she remains active and influential in the political landscape of Mississauga.

Carolyn Parrish Religion

Carolyn Parrish practices Christianity, which plays a significant role in her personal and professional life.

Carolyn Parrish Previous Offices

Parrish’s political career spans several decades and positions:

  • Member of the House of Commons (1993-2006): Represented Mississauga ridings, first as a Liberal Party MP and later as an independent.
  • Mississauga City Councillor (2006-2010): Served on the Mississauga City Council.
  • Mississauga City Councillor for Ward 5 (2014-2024): Returned to politics and served until her resignation to run for mayor.

BREAKING NEWS – Carolyn Parrish Wins Mississauga’s Mayoral Byelection

Carolyn Parrish Twitter

Carolyn Parrish can be found on Twitter under the handle @carolynhparrish, where she engages with her constituents and shares updates on her political activities.

Carolyn Parrish Instagram

On Instagram, she goes by @parrish4mayor, providing a visual glimpse into her campaign and personal life.

Carolyn Parrish Party

Throughout most of her political career, Carolyn Parrish has been associated with the Liberal Party of Canada. Her commitment to the party’s values and principles has shaped much of her political journey.

Carolyn Parrish Family and Husband

Carolyn Parrish keeps her family life private, and details about her husband and other family members are not disclosed to the public.

Carolyn Parrish Net Worth

While specific details about Carolyn Parrish’s net worth are not publicly available, it is known that she is financially well-off, reflecting her successful career in politics.


Carolyn Parrish’s long-standing dedication to public service has made her a respected figure in Canadian politics. From her early days as a Liberal MP to her current role as the mayor-elect of Mississauga, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to her constituents. Despite her age, Parrish remains a dynamic and influential force, with a significant presence both in politics and on social media.


Q: What is Carolyn Parrish’s full name? A: Carolyn Parrish was born Karolina Janoszewska.

Q: How old is Carolyn Parrish? A: Carolyn Parrish will be 78 years old on October 3, 2024.

Q: What religion does Carolyn Parrish practice? A: Carolyn Parrish practices Christianity.

Q: What political party is Carolyn Parrish affiliated with? A: Carolyn Parrish is affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Q: Where can I find Carolyn Parrish on Twitter? A: You can find her on Twitter under the handle @carolynhparrish.

Q: What is Carolyn Parrish’s Instagram handle? A: Her Instagram handle is @parrish4mayor.

Q: Is Carolyn Parrish’s family information public? A: No, Carolyn Parrish’s family information is not publicly disclosed.

Q: What is Carolyn Parrish’s net worth? A: Carolyn Parrish’s net worth is not disclosed, but she is known to be wealthy.

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