Maurice Sam Biography: Wife, Parents, Father, Married, Mother, Siblings, Height, Age, Tribe, Wikipedia

Maurice Sam Biography

Maurice Sam Biography – Maurice Samuel Oluwaseun, better known as Maurice Sam, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on March 12, 1990. He is an illustrious figure who has made a mark as a versatile Nigerian actor, model, entrepreneur, and TV host. His journey to stardom began in his early years in his church drama group, where he honed his acting skills.

His breakthrough was portraying “Acid” in the renowned Nigerian TV series “Hustle.” His exceptional performance catapulted him into the limelight, garnering him numerous roles alongside prominent figures in Nollywood.

Maurice Sam Biography

Maurice Sam Biography

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born into a family of undisclosed identity, Maurice Sam’s passion for acting ignited at a young age. He demonstrated his talent within the confines of his church, eventually leading him to venture into the professional realm of Nigerian entertainment.

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Awards and Recognitions

In 2018, Maurice Sam reached a significant milestone when he won the prestigious African Magic Viewers Choice Award for “Best Actor in a Comedy” for his role as “Acid” in the acclaimed movie “Hustle.”

The following year, in 2019, Maurice Sam continued to receive recognition for his exceptional contributions to the film industry. He was honoured with the esteemed “Best Supporting Actor” award at the Golden Movie Awards for his compelling performance in “Big Fat Lie.

The same year, Maurice Sam further solidified his place in the industry by clinching the “Best New Actor” award at the City People Movie Awards.

These prestigious accolades underscored his growing career and immense potential, reaffirming his status as a rising star in the Nigerian film scene.

Maurice Sam Parents – Family Background

The truth remains undisclosed despite the rumours circulating about veteran actor Zack Orji and his wife Ngozi Orji being Maurice Sam’s parents. The veil of mystery shrouds his familial ties, leaving fans and enthusiasts intrigued.

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Modelling Career

Maurice Sam isn’t just an actor; he’s also a prominent model, renowned for his striking physique and handsome visage, which render him a natural in the modelling world. His portfolio boasts collaborations with both Nigerian and international brands and designers, including “Ankara Fashion,” “Senator Wears,” and “Calvin Klein.” His presence graces the pages of esteemed publications like “GQ,” “Vogue,” and “Lagos Times,” as well as towering billboards across various locales. Moreover, Maurice has graced the runways of prestigious fashion events like “Lagos Fashion Week,” “Africa Fashion Week,” and even “New York Fashion Week.”

Regarded as one of Nigeria and Africa’s most sought-after models, Maurice Sam’s appeal transcends borders, garnering him a global following. His distinctive style and magnetic charisma set him apart in the industry. At the same time, his enthusiasm for showcasing Nigerian and African fashion and culture to the world shines through. He serves as a beacon of inspiration and a role model for countless young, aspiring models within Nigeria and beyond its borders.

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Maurice Sam Wife

Maurice Sam’s personal life remains relatively private. While speculation about his marital status persists, he remains unmarried, focusing on his burgeoning career.

Maurice Sam Height

Standing tall at 5.11 feet, Maurice Sam possesses a charismatic presence. His physique, weighing approximately 73 kg, complements his on-screen persona. His striking black eyes and hair add to his allure, captivating audiences across the nation.

Maurice Sam Tribe

Hailing from the bustling city of Lagos, Maurice Sam proudly identifies with the Igbo tribe, enriching his cultural heritage.


  • Is Maurice Sam married?

No, Maurice Sam is single, devoting his energy to professional endeavors.

  • Who are Maurice Sam’s parents?

While rumors circulate about veteran actor Zack Orji and his wife Ngozi Orji being Maurice Sam’s parents, no official confirmation has been made.

  • What is Maurice Sam’s height?

Maurice Sam stands at an impressive 5.11 feet, complementing his charismatic presence on and off-screen.


In conclusion, Maurice Sam emerges as a multifaceted talent within the Nigerian entertainment industry. His journey from humble beginnings to stardom inspires aspiring actors and enthusiasts alike. While aspects of his personal life remain mysterious, his professional achievements speak volumes. As Maurice Sam continues to grace screens with his presence, audiences eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, eager to witness the unfolding chapters of his illustrious career.

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