Carolyn Parrish Wins Mississauga’s Mayoral Byelection

Carolyn Parrish biography

In a historic byelection, veteran politician Carolyn Parrish has been elected as Mississauga’s next mayor, securing a lead of over 8,500 votes with 99 percent of polls reported. Parrish, a former Mississauga councillor and Member of Parliament (MP), will become only the fifth mayor in the city’s history.

Victory Speech and Acknowledgements

“I want to thank the citizens of Mississauga for placing their trust in me. Your voices have been heard. Together, we will build a brighter and more inclusive future for our city,” said Parrish during her victory speech. She also emphasized the strengthened unity within the Peel Region, noting that with her election, the region now has three mayors who “actually get along.”

Working Together for Better Funding

Parrish expressed optimism about collaborating with her counterparts when advocating for the region’s fair share of funding at the provincial and federal levels. “We will be formidable when we go to Queen’s Park or to Ottawa to tell them we need our fair share of funding here,” she asserted.

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Background and Political Career

The need for the byelection arose on January 12 when Bonnie Crombie resigned after winning the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. During advance voting, more than 24,000 voters cast their votes, demonstrating significant civic engagement.

Parrish’s extensive political career spans over 12 years as a Member of Parliament representing Mississauga, initially as a Liberal and later as an independent representative. In 2014, she transitioned to municipal politics, serving until March of this year when she vacated her Ward 5 councillor seat to run for mayor.

Support from Premier Doug Ford

Premier Doug Ford congratulated Parrish on her victory through social media, expressing his eagerness to collaborate. “I’m looking forward to working with you as we build a stronger Mississauga and a stronger Ontario,” he stated on X.

Mississauga’s Tradition of Female Leadership

Mississauga has a long tradition of female leadership, with a woman holding the mayoral position since 1978, starting with Hazel McCallion, followed by Bonnie Crombie in 2014. Parrish’s election continues this legacy of strong female leadership.

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Election Results and Notable Candidates

Out of the 20 candidates running for mayor, Parrish maintained a lead in the polls for most of the election period. Recent polls indicated a decline in her lead following her decision not to participate in candidate debates, allowing city councillors and former Ontario Liberal MPP Dipika Damerla and Ward 2 councillor Alvin Tedjo to close the gap. However, it was not enough to surpass her.

Councillor Alvin Tedjo, who finished second with just under 35,000 votes, has conceded the election but will remain on city council. Dipika Damerla, who finished third with just over 27,000 votes, also remains on the council.

Additional Byelection Results

Other notable candidates included Ward 1 councillor Stephen Dasko, who finished fourth with over 22,000 votes, and Brian Crombie, the ex-husband of Bonnie Crombie. The election to fill the Ward 5 council seat, vacated by Parrish, resulted in Natalie Hart winning with just over 3,700 votes.

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Carolyn Parrish’s victory in the Mississauga mayoral byelection marks a significant moment for the city. Her extensive experience and commitment to the community promise a future of strong leadership and collaborative governance. As Parrish steps into her role as mayor, the citizens of Mississauga can look forward to a period of growth, inclusion, and improved regional cooperation.


Q: Who won the Mississauga mayoral byelection?
A: Carolyn Parrish won the Mississauga mayoral byelection.

Q: By how many votes did Carolyn Parrish win?
A: Carolyn Parrish won by over 8,500 votes.

Q: Who are some notable candidates who ran in the Mississauga mayoral byelection?
A: Notable candidates included Alvin Tedjo, Dipika Damerla, Stephen Dasko, and Brian Crombie.

Q: What positions did Carolyn Parrish hold before becoming mayor?
A: Carolyn Parrish was a Member of Parliament for over 12 years and later served as a Mississauga city councillor.

Q: Who congratulated Carolyn Parrish on her victory?
A: Premier Doug Ford congratulated Carolyn Parrish on her victory.

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  1. The new mayor for Mississauga has been elected!

    However, Mississauga tenants are STILL STUCK with Dipika Damerla’s MARC mandatory city inspections for apartment buildings which can generate RENT INCREASES from landlord AGI’s making rents LESS AFFORDABLE for Mississauga tenants!

    Ontario landlords can apply for “Above Guideline Rent Increases” or AGI’s for capital-cost recapture. This can cause RENT HIKES for Mississauga tenants.

    Ward 7 Dipika Damerla was PREWARNED about risking rent increases for Mississauga tenants. Regarding Dipika Damerla’s motion for mandatory building inspections, Daryl Chong of the GTAA said any program raising costs for landlords would mean HIGHER RENTS for tenants. Mississauga City Council meeting Nov 20/2019 (Public Information)

    The city is PROHIBITED from imposing pilot programs that conflict with existing statutes and property rights. The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB) already regulate businesses. If the RTA enabled city intervention of landlord and tenant matters or building management policies then the act would implicitly grant such power.

    Mississauga city council needs to exercise integrity. The council members are Natalie Hart, Alvin Tedjo, Joe Horneck, Stephen Dasko, Dipika Damerla, Martin Reid, Matt Mahoney, Sue McFadden, Brad Butt, John Kovac and Chris Fonseca.

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