Alvin Tedjo Biography: Nationality, Age, Political Party, Wife, Instagram, Background, Wikipedia, Ethnicity, Parents

Alvin Tedjo Biography

Alvin Tedjo Biography – Alvin Tedjo is a notable figure in Canadian politics, known for his dedication to his community and his efforts to improve government services, champion environmental causes, and support families. As a candidate for Mayor of Mississauga and a prominent member of the Liberal Party, Alvin has made significant contributions both locally and nationally. This biography looks into Alvin Tedjo’s life, covering his nationality, age, political party, family, Instagram presence, background, ethnicity, and more.

Alvin Tedjo Biography

Alvin Tedjo Nationality and Ethnicity

Alvin Tedjo proudly identifies as Canadian. His commitment to his country is evident in his extensive public service career. While specific details about his ethnic background are not disclosed, his cultural heritage contributes to his unique perspective and approach to governance.

Alvin Tedjo Age and Personal Life

While Alvin Tedjo’s exact age has not been publicly disclosed, he is known for his vibrant energy and fresh ideas, which he brings to his political career. Alvin resides in the Sheridan Homelands area with his wife, Rebecca, and their three children. The Tedjo family is actively involved in the community, often seen at local hockey and baseball games, supporting their children’s activities.

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Alvin Tedjo Political Party

Alvin Tedjo is a prominent member of the Liberal Party. His political journey includes significant roles such as serving on the board of the Sheridan Homelands Ratepayers Association (SHORA) and chairing the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) policy committee. Alvin has also led the Pride Flags Across Peel Campaign, showcasing his commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Alvin Tedjo Educational Background

Alvin Tedjo is well-educated, holding degrees from two prestigious institutions. He graduated from Harvard University and Queen’s University. It was at Queen’s University where he met his wife, Rebecca, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership both personally and professionally.

Alvin Tedjo Community Involvement

Beyond his political career, Alvin Tedjo is deeply involved in community service. His work to expand Sheridan College in Mississauga highlights his dedication to education and youth development. Additionally, his leadership in the MBOT policy committee and SHORA demonstrates his commitment to local governance and community improvement.

Alvin Tedjo Instagram – Social Media Presence

Alvin Tedjo maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. His handle, @alvintedjo, offers a glimpse into his personal life, campaign activities, and community engagements. Through social media, Alvin connects with his constituents, sharing updates and engaging with the community.

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Alvin Tedjo Wife – Family Life

Family is central to Alvin Tedjo’s life. He and his wife, Rebecca, are devoted parents to three children. The family enjoys spending time together, often attending local sports events and supporting their children’s interests. This strong family bond is a cornerstone of Alvin’s values and is reflected in his political priorities.


Alvin Tedjo is a dynamic and dedicated public servant whose work has had a positive impact on his community and beyond. His commitment to improving government services, supporting families, and championing environmental causes makes him a standout figure in Canadian politics. As he continues his journey, Alvin remains focused on building a better future for Mississauga and its residents.


1. What is Alvin Tedjo’s nationality? Alvin Tedjo is Canadian.

2. Which political party does Alvin Tedjo belong to? Alvin Tedjo is a member of the Liberal Party.

3. Who is Alvin Tedjo’s wife? Alvin Tedjo’s wife is named Rebecca.

4. How many children does Alvin Tedjo have? Alvin Tedjo has three children.

5. Where does Alvin Tedjo live? Alvin Tedjo lives in the Sheridan Homelands area.

6. What is Alvin Tedjo’s Instagram handle? Alvin Tedjo’s Instagram handle is @alvintedjo.

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