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Robot Boii Real Name

Robot Boii Real Name—In South African music, one name stands out—Robot Boii. Born Mzwakhe Mthandeni Mzee Ntshengula Mbuli Jr., this multifaceted artist has carved his path in the industry, captivating audiences with his singing, songwriting, and dance prowess. Let’s examine the intriguing facets of Robot Boii’s life and career.

Robot Boii Real Name

Zwakhe Mthandeni Mzee Ntshengula Mbuli Jr, famously known as Robot Boii, embraced his stage persona as a tribute to the renowned robotics performer Chad Smith, also known as Mad Chad. This alias embodies his creative spirit and passion for music and performance arts.

Robot Boii Age

As of November 19, 2024, Robot Boii will turn 31, marking another milestone in his illustrious career. His journey from a young talent to a seasoned artist is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft.

Robot Boii Girlfriend

Despite his public persona, Robot Boii prefers to keep his personal life private, including details about his romantic relationships. His focus remains steadfast on his music and fans, leaving speculation about his love life to the tabloids.

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Robot Boii Siblings

Thandeka Mbuli-Sidaki and Thandanani Savhasa are Robot Boii’s esteemed siblings. Raised in a devout Christian household, they share a bond rooted in family values and support, undoubtedly influencing Robot Boii’s journey in the entertainment industry.

Robot Boii Real Father

The iconic Mzwakhe Mbuli, known as “The People’s Poet” and “The Voice of Reason,” is the proud father of Robot Boii. A poet, singer, and former deacon, Mzwakhe Mbuli’s influence echoes through his son’s artistic endeavors, shaping Robot Boii’s unique style and message.

Robot Boii Twin Sister

Thandanani, Robot Boii’s twin sister, shares a special bond with him rooted in shared experiences and mutual support. While she may prefer to stay out of the limelight, her presence undoubtedly enriches Robot Boii’s life and inspires his creativity.

Robot Boii Wife

Robot Boii keeps his marital status under wraps, maintaining an air of mystery around his personal life. Whether single or married, he focuses on delivering captivating performances and connecting with his audience through his music.

Robot Boii Birthday

On November 19, 1993, Robot Boii graced the world with his presence, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in music and entertainment. Each birthday celebrates his achievements and reminds him of the exciting possibilities.

Robot Boii Mother

Zukiswa Damse, Robot Boii’s mother, played a pivotal role in shaping his upbringing and instilling the values of resilience, determination, and compassion. Her unwavering support has been a source of strength for Robot Boii throughout his career.

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Robot Boii Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of around $460,000 as of 2024, Robot Boii has solidified his position as one of South Africa’s rising stars. His talent, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit have paved the way for lucrative opportunities and financial success.

Robot Boii Height

While specific details about Robot Boii’s height remain undisclosed, his towering presence on stage commands attention and admiration. His larger-than-life persona transcends physical dimensions, captivating audiences with his charisma and talent.

Robot Boii Manager

Calvin Merci serves as the driving force behind Robot Boii’s career, overseeing his projects, collaborations, and public appearances. With Calvin’s guidance and expertise, Robot Boii has navigated the complexities of the music industry with confidence and success.

Robot Boii Instagram

Connect with Robot Boii and glimpse his world through his Instagram handle @robot_boii. Follow him for updates on his music, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments that offer a glimpse into the life of this dynamic artist.

Robot Boii Twitter

Stay updated on Robot Boii’s latest endeavors and interact with him directly on Twitter @Robot_Boii. Engage in conversations, share your thoughts, and join his ever-growing community of fans united by their love for his music.

Where is Robot Boii from?

Hailing from the vibrant landscape of South Africa, Robot Boii draws inspiration from his roots, infusing his music with elements of local culture, tradition, and identity. His journey is a testament to the rich tapestry of talent that defines the South African music scene.

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Q: What inspired Robot Boii’s stage name?

A: Robot Boii drew inspiration from robotics performer Chad Smith, also known as Mad Chad, shaping his stage persona and creative identity.

Q: Does Robot Boii have any siblings?

A: Yes, Robot Boii has two siblings, Thandeka Mbuli-Sidaki and Thandanani Savhasa, who have played an integral role in his upbringing and journey in the music industry.

Q: What is Robot Boii’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Robot Boii’s estimated net worth is approximately $460,000, a testament to his success and entrepreneurial spirit in the music industry.

Q: Is Robot Boii active on social media?

A: Yes, Robot Boii maintains an active presence on Instagram (@robot_boii) and Twitter (@Robot_Boii), where he shares updates on his music, performances, and personal milestones.

Q: Who manages Robot Boii’s career?

A: Calvin Merci serves as Robot Boii’s manager. He oversees his projects, collaborations, and public appearances and guides him through the complexities of the music industry.

Q: What is Robot Boii’s birthday?

A: Robot Boii was born on November 19, 1993, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in music and entertainment.


Robot Boii’s journey from humble beginnings to stardom is a testament to his talent, determination, and resilience. He continues to captivate audiences with each performance, leaving an indelible mark on the South African music scene. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, fans eagerly await the music and memories that Robot Boii will create in the future.

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