Zanele From House of Zwide Real Name: Mother, Sister, Age, Husband, Child, Instagram

Zanele From House of Zwide Real Name

Zanele From House of Zwide Real Name – Zanele from House of Zwide, portrayed by the talented Londeka Mchunu, has captured the hearts of viewers with her compelling performance in the hit South African soap opera. But who is the actress behind this iconic character?

Who Is Zanele From House Of Zwide?

Londeka Mchunu, the actress bringing Zanele to life, is a well-established figure in the South African entertainment industry. With notable roles in popular soap operas like Isithembiso and Isibaya, Mchunu has solidified her status as a household name.

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Zanele From House of Zwide Real Name

Zanele From House of Zwide Real Name
zanele from house of zwide pictures

Contrary to her on-screen persona, Zanele’s real name is Londeka Mchunu.

Londeka Mchunu Career

In 2016, while attending Varsity College, she attended auditions for the Bomb Productions telenovela. Impressing the show’s producers, she landed the lead role of “Snegugu Magwaza” on the Mzansi Magic and later Mzansi Wethu soap opera, Isithembiso, in 2017.

Continuing in her role for three seasons, spanning over 700 episodes until 2020, she garnered nominations for Best Supporting Actress on TV and Best Newcomer Actress on TV at the 2018 Simon Sabela Film and Television Awards.

In 2020, she joined the cast of Isibaya for its eighth season, taking on the recurring role of “Londiwe.” That same year, she joined the soap opera House of Zwide, portraying “Zwide Zanele.”

Londeka Mchunu Sister

Londeka Mchunu shares the spotlight with her sister, Nelisa Mchunu, who is also an actress. Nelisa pursued her studies in corporate communications at Varsity College.

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Zanele From House Of Zwide Age

As of her next birthday on July 10th, Londeka Mchunu will be celebrating her 30th birthday.

Londeka Mchunu Mother – Personal Life

While details about her romantic life remain undisclosed, it’s known that Mchunu’s mother is a dedicated teacher.

Londeka Mchunu’s Family

It seems that the Mchunu family has a knack for the performing arts. This is evident as Londeka Mchunu’s sister is a prominent actress in South Africa’s entertainment industry. Both Nelisa Mchunu and Londeka Mchunu are stirring up drama in their respective Isithembiso and Uzalo families.

However, when considering their humble beginnings, it’s difficult to fathom that they ever faced adversity. Nelisa Mchunu had to halt her education during her third year due to her mother’s inability to afford tuition fees, with no other parental support available as her other parent had passed away.

Instagram Zwide Londeka Mchunu

Stay updated with Londeka Mchunu’s adventures by following her Instagram handle, @dekamchunu.

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Londeka Mchunu Salary

In 2024, Londeka Mchunu earns an estimated monthly salary ranging from R60,000 to R75,000, depending on her involvement in various scenes and episodes.

Is Zanele From House Of Zwide Related To Fikile From Uzalo

Interestingly, Zanele from House of Zwide and Fikile from Uzalo share more than just the small screen—they’re real-life sisters!

Zanele From House Of Zwide Body

zanele from house of zwide body


1. Is Zanele from House of Zwide a real person?

No, Zanele is a fictional character portrayed by actress Londeka Mchunu.

2. Does Londeka Mchunu have any siblings?

Yes, Londeka’s sister, Nelisa Mchunu, is also an actress.

3. What is Londeka Mchunu’s age?

Londeka Mchunu will turn 30 years old on July 10th.


Zanele from House of Zwide, brought to life by Londeka Mchunu, continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable portrayal. Beyond the screen, Mchunu’s journey is filled with familial ties, career milestones, and a growing social media presence. Stay tuned for more updates on this talented actress and her beloved character.

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