EFF Leader Julius Malema Biography: Tribe, Net Worth, Wife, House, Salary, Education, Twitter, Kids

Julius Malema Biography

EFF Leader Julius Malema Biography – Julius Sello Malema, a name synonymous with South African politics, is the charismatic leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Known for his fiery rhetoric and unwavering stance on economic freedom and land reform, Malema has made a significant impact on the political landscape of South Africa. This comprehensive biography looks into his life, including his tribe, net worth, wife, house, salary, education, Twitter presence, and children.

Early Life and Background

Who is Julius Malema?

Born on March 3, 1981, in Seshego-B, Polokwane, South Africa, Julius Sello Malema grew up in a challenging environment. Raised by his mother, Flora Mahlo di Malema, a domestic worker and single parent, Malema’s early life was marked by economic hardship. Despite these challenges, he developed a passion for politics at a young age, joining the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League and rapidly rising through the ranks.

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Julius Malema Education

Julius Malema’s Academic Journey

Malema’s commitment to education is evident in his academic achievements. In 2010, he completed a two-year diploma in youth development through the University of South Africa (UNISA). His educational pursuits did not stop there. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in communications and African languages in March 2016, followed by an Honours degree in philosophy in 2017, all from UNISA.

Julius Malema Political Career

From ANC Youth League to EFF

Malema’s political career began in earnest with his involvement in the ANC Youth League, where he served as President from 2008 until his expulsion in 2012. His leadership was marked by his outspoken nature and controversial statements, which often put him at odds with senior ANC leaders. Following his expulsion, Malema founded the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in 2013, a populist far-left political party known for its red berets and military-style outfits.

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Julius Malema Family

Malema is married to Mantwa Matlala, and the couple shares a private but closely-knit family life. The couple has children, including Kopano, Malema’s third child, and Mantoa’s second. Malema also has a son, Ratanang, from a previous relationship with Maropeng Ramohlale.

Julius Malema Tribe and Heritage

Julius Malema hails from the Seshego township, a detail that highlights his deep roots in South African heritage and his connection to the local culture and community.

Julius Malema Net Worth

As of 2024, Julius Malema’s net worth is estimated to be around R46 million. This wealth is a result of his political career, business ventures, and various investments.

Julius Malema Salary

In his role as the leader of the EFF, Malema earns a monthly salary of R134,000. This figure reflects his position within the party and his influence in South African politics.

Julius Malema on Twitter

Julius Malema is an active user of Twitter, where he shares his views, political opinions, and updates with his followers. His official Twitter handle is @Julius_S_Malema.

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Q: What is Julius Malema’s tribe? A: Julius Malema hails from the Seshego township in Polokwane, South Africa.

Q: What is Julius Malema’s net worth? A: As of 2024, his net worth is approximately R46 million.

Q: Who is Julius Malema’s wife? A: His wife is Mantwa Matlala.

Q: How many children does Julius Malema have? A: He has three children, including Kopano and Ratanang.

Q: What is Julius Malema’s salary? A: His monthly salary is R134,000.

Q: What are Julius Malema’s educational qualifications? A: He holds a diploma in youth development, a Bachelor of Arts in communications and African languages, and an Honours degree in philosophy.


Julius Malema’s journey from a modest upbringing in Seshego to becoming a prominent political figure in South Africa is nothing short of inspirational. His unwavering dedication to economic freedom, his impressive educational achievements, and his vibrant personal life paint a comprehensive picture of a man who continues to shape the future of South Africa

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