Mayor Alice Guo Biography: Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Educational Background, Birthday, Parents

Alice Guo Biography

Mayor Alice Guo Biography – Alice Leal Guo, a distinguished Filipino businesswoman and politician, currently holds the esteemed position of mayor in Bamban, a picturesque municipality nestled in the heart of Tarlac Province, Philippines. Her journey to this role has been as intriguing as it is inspiring.

Mayor Alice Guo Biography

Who is Alice Guo?

Alice Leal Guo has etched her name in history as the first lady Mayor of Bamban. Her visionary leadership and dedication have propelled her to this groundbreaking position. A true trailblazer, Guo’s ascent to mayorship symbolizes hope and progress for the community she serves.

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Alice Guo Educational Background

Guo’s educational journey is unique. She claims to have been homeschooled from elementary through high school. Remarkably, she did not pursue higher education at a college or university.

Alice Guo Age and Personal Life

The exact age of Alice Guo remains undisclosed. Similarly, details about her husband are not available to the public. Guo maintains a private personal life, focusing her energy on her public service commitments.

Alice Guo Birthday and Family

Details regarding Alice Guo’s birthday are not disclosed. Her family background is equally shrouded in mystery. Guo revealed that she did not grow up with her mother, Amelia Leal. Her father, Anghelito Guo, is a private businessman of mixed Chinese-Filipino heritage. Despite the lack of information about her parents’ marriage, Guo remains steadfast in her identity and mission.

Alice Guo Political Journey

Alice Guo’s foray into politics is marked by her candidacy for Municipal Mayor in the upcoming elections. As an independent candidate, Guo seeks to bring positive change and effective governance to Bamban, Tarlac. She is positioned as #2 on the ballot under the name “GUO, ALICE (IND).”

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Responsibilities as Mayor

Should Alice Guo secure the mayoral seat, she will be entrusted with significant responsibilities. As Municipal Mayor, Guo will oversee various programs, projects, and services of the local government. Her duties include enforcing laws and ordinances, maximizing resource utilization, and ensuring the delivery of essential services to the community.


1. Is Alice Guo the first female Mayor of Bamban?

Yes, Alice Guo holds the distinction of being the first lady Mayor of Bamban, Tarlac.

2. What is Alice Guo’s educational background?

Guo claims to have been homeschooled from elementary through high school and did not attend college.

3. Who is Alice Guo’s husband?

Details about Alice Guo’s husband are not publicly disclosed.


Mayor Alice Guo’s biography offers a glimpse into the life of a pioneering leader dedicated to serving her community. Despite the mysteries surrounding her personal life, Guo’s commitment to progress and governance shines through. As she embarks on her political journey, the people of Bamban, Tarlac, anticipate a future filled with promise under her leadership.

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