Trisha Kar Madhu Biography: Age, Instagram, Boyfriend Name, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography – Trisha Kar Madhu is a name that resonates well within the Bhojpuri film industry. She has made a significant impact with her acting skills and charming personality. This blog post looks into the life of Trisha Kar Madhu, covering her age, Instagram, boyfriend, and net worth, alongside some lesser-known facts about her.

Trisha Kar Madhu’s Early Life and Background

Trisha Kar Madhu hails from the northeastern part of India. Her journey in the entertainment industry began as a model before she transitioned into acting. With a height of 5 ft 3 inches and a weight of 52 kg, Trisha has the perfect build for a screen presence. Her black hair and black eyes add to her striking looks.

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Career in the Bhojpuri Film Industry

Trisha Kar Madhu has become a household name in the Bhojpuri film industry. She has acted in numerous films and music videos, earning a reputation for her versatile acting skills and captivating performances. One of her notable works includes the movie “Namak Haraam,” released in 2022.

Trisha Kar Madhu Instagram Presence

Social media plays a crucial role in an actor’s life, and Trisha is no exception. She is active on Instagram under the handle @trishakarmadhuofficial. Here, she shares glimpses of her personal and professional life, connecting with her fans daily. Her second account, @trisha_stylee, also showcases her style and fashion sense.

Trisha Kar Madhu Boyfriend – Personal Life

Trisha Kar Madhu’s personal life has also garnered a lot of attention. She is currently in a relationship with Rakesh Mishra, another prominent figure in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry. Their relationship has often been in the spotlight, adding to her popularity.

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Trisha Kar Madhu Net Worth and Financial Standing

As of 2024, Trisha Kar Madhu’s net worth is estimated to be between INR 7-9 crore. Her income primarily comes from her acting career, brand endorsements, and business collaborations. Managed by @rajput_aayushman and digitally handled by @vivekdigital_, Trisha has successfully navigated the financial aspects of her career.

Lesser-Known Facts About Trisha Kar Madhu

  1. Nationality: Indian
  2. Eye Color: Black
  3. Hair Color: Black
  4. Mother’s Name: Not known

Trisha’s dedication to her craft and ability to connect with the audience has made her one of the most beloved actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry.


1. Who is Trisha Kar Madhu? Trisha Kar Madhu is a well-known actress and model in the Bhojpuri film industry. She is admired for her acting skills and charming personality.

2. What is Trisha Kar Madhu’s Instagram handle? Her main Instagram handle is @trishakarmadhuofficial.

3. Who is Trisha Kar Madhu’s boyfriend? Trisha Kar Madhu is in a relationship with Rakesh Mishra.

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4. How old is Trisha Kar Madhu? Trisha Kar Madhu is 30 years old.

5. What is Trisha Kar Madhu’s net worth? As of 2024, her net worth is between INR 7-9 crore.


Trisha Kar Madhu continues to shine in the Bhojpuri film industry with her exceptional talent and captivating presence. Her journey from a model to a celebrated actress is truly inspiring. Whether it’s her acting prowess or vibrant social media presence, Trisha has successfully carved a niche for herself in the entertainment world.

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