Nonrev Daquina Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Birthday, Wife, Job, Child

Nonrev Daquina Biography

Nonrev Daquina Biography – Who is Nonrev Daquina? Nonrev Daquina, the partner of Filipino singer-actress Angeline Quinto, has carved his path in the entertainment industry through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Let’s look deeper into the life of this remarkable personality.

Nonrev Daquina Biography

Nonrev Daquina Biography

Daquina’s private life became a public fascination when he began a romance with Angeline Quinto, a prominent OPM singer. Their love story bloomed, culminating in a splendid union on Thursday, April 25th, at Quiapo Church in Manila. The simplicity and grace of their wedding mirrored the depth of their affection. Stunningly in an elegant off-the-shoulder gown, Quinto walked down the aisle with her son Sylvio to join Nonrev, who awaited her in an off-white Barong Tagalog. The ceremony was a heartfelt celebration of their love and dedication, witnessed by their loved ones, friends, and notable figures from the entertainment sphere.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Nonrev Daquina’s journey in the limelight began when he became associated with Angeline Quinto, who rose to fame after winning Star Power: Sharon’s Search For The Next Female Pop Superstar in 2011. Quinto’s prominence as a member of the Birit Queens and the DIVAS group further heightened their public presence.

Nonrev Daquina Age

Born November 26, 1989, Nonrev Daquina is set to celebrate his 35th birthday in 2024.

Nonrev Daquina Net Worth

As of 2024, Nonrev Daquina’s entrepreneurial ventures have propelled his net worth to an estimated $48,500.

Who Is Nonrev Daquina Boyfriend? Is He Married?

Angeline Quinto, a renowned singer on the Kapamilya network, is romantically involved with Nonrev Daquina, the father of her son, Sylvio.

In her recent vlog, Angeline featured her partner, Nonrev, to address some of the viewers’ inquiries. During the video, they reminisced about the inception of their love story.

Mutual friends facilitated their introduction, with Nonrev confessing his instant attraction to Angeline upon meeting her in person. Additionally, they delved into Nonrev’s past relationships during the vlog.

Nonrev disclosed that he has three daughters from his previous two relationships, which eventually ended. However, his bond with Angeline marked a new chapter, leading to the birth of his only son, Sylvio, making him a father of four.

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Nonrev Daquina Wife and Child

Nonrev Daquina is happily married to the talented Angeline Quinto, and they share a son named Sylvio. Remarkably, Daquina has no ex-wife, highlighting the stability and strength of his relationship with Quinto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How did Nonrev Daquina and Angeline Quinto first meet?

A: Nonrev and Angeline met through mutual friends and soon forged a romantic connection that blossomed into a beautiful relationship.

Q: Who were some notable personalities in attendance at Nonrev and Angeline’s wedding?

A: Their wedding was an exclusive affair, graced by their close-knit family, dear friends, and renowned figures from the entertainment industry, including Vice Ganda, Erik Santos, and Sarah Geronimo.

Q: What surprises did Angeline Quinto have for fans during the wedding ceremony?

A: During the wedding ceremony, Angeline delighted her fans by unveiling her new single, “Salamat Ika’y Dumating,” adding an extra layer of joy and excitement to the celebration.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s age?

A: Nonrev Daquina will be 35 years old on November 26, 2024.

Q: Did Nonrev Daquina have an ex-wife?

A: No, Nonrev Daquina has never been married before his union with Angeline Quinto.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Nonrev Daquina’s estimated net worth is $48,500.

Q: Who is Nonrev Daquina’s wife?

A: Nonrev Daquina is married to Filipino singer-actress Angeline Quinto.

Q: Does Nonrev Daquina have any children? 

A: Yes, Nonrev Daquina and Angeline Quinto have a son named Sylvio.

Q: What are Nonrev Daquina’s professional endeavors?

A: Apart from his association with Angeline Quinto, Nonrev Daquina is involved in various entrepreneurial ventures and strategic collaborations.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s nickname?

A: Nonrev Daquina is affectionately known as the “Power Diva of the Philippines.”


In conclusion, Nonrev Daquina’s journey is a testament to his resilience, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit. From his association with Angeline Quinto to his significant contributions to the entertainment industry, Daquina inspires many. As he celebrates his 35th birthday in 2024, we look forward to witnessing his continued success and impact on the world stage.

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