Nana Owiti Biography: Tribe, Age, Father, Mother, Sister, Children, Husband, Net Worth, Date Of Birth

Nana Owiti Biography

Nana Owiti Biography – Nana Owiti, a prominent figure known for her versatile talents, remains a subject of curiosity among many. Let’s look into the life of this remarkable individual who wears many hats.

Nana Owiti Biography

Who is Nana Owiti?

Nana Owiti, often referred to simply as Nana, is a multifaceted personality renowned for her prowess in various domains. With a substantial following of over 25,000 subscribers, Nana captivates audiences with her ability to navigate through the intricacies of television. Notably, her segment “Parenting 101” serves as a platform to delve into family dynamics, offering valuable insights and advice to her viewers. Married to the esteemed rapper King Kaka, also known as Kennedy Ombima, Nana’s journey is as intriguing as it is inspiring.

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Nana Owiti Education

Nana’s educational journey saw her matriculate from Matungulu Girls High School before embarking on further studies at Kenya Polytechnic, now recognized as the Technical University of Kenya. Subsequently, she pursued her academic endeavors at the Vision Institute of Professional Studies, culminating in the acquisition of her CPA qualification.

Nana Owiti Career

Navigating through the complexities of life, Nana found herself treading diverse career paths. Following the loss of both her parents, she assumed the responsibility of self-care. From engaging in land sales in Kitengela to transitioning into media through her role at Switch TV, Nana’s journey epitomizes resilience and adaptability.

Which Tribe is Nana Owiti From?

Nana Owiti hails from Kenya, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the nation.

Nana Owiti Family

Traversing through life’s ups and downs, Nana Owiti’s familial journey is marked by both triumphs and tribulations. While she has never had the opportunity to meet her biological father, she fondly remembers her late mother. Despite the absence of her biological parents, Nana’s journey as a wife and mother remains a testament to the enduring power of love and kinship.

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Nana Owiti Husband and Children

In the realm of companionship, Nana Owiti found solace in the arms of Kaka Sungura, more commonly known as King Kaka. Together, they traverse the intricacies of matrimony, forming a bond fortified by love and mutual respect. Blessed with two biological children and an adopted son named Royal, Nana’s family life exudes warmth and unity.

Nana Owiti Date of Birth and Age

While Nana Owiti prefers to keep certain aspects of her life private, her date of birth is celebrated on March 15th, encapsulating the essence of a spirited individual.

Nana Owiti Weight Loss Journey

Embarking on a journey towards holistic well-being, Nana Owiti embraced the use of waist trainers as a means to achieve her desired weight goals. Her dedication and commitment to personal wellness serve as an inspiration to many.

Nana Owiti Net Worth

With a net worth estimated at KES 23 million, Nana Owiti’s financial stature reflects the culmination of her hard work and determination across various endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nana Owiti

1. Is Nana Owiti married? Yes, Nana Owiti is married to the renowned rapper King Kaka.

2. How many children does Nana Owiti have? Nana Owiti has two biological children and an adopted son named Royal.

3. What is Nana Owiti’s net worth? Nana Owiti’s net worth is estimated to be KES 23 million.

4. What is Nana Owiti’s educational background? Nana Owiti attended Matungulu Girls High School before pursuing further studies at Kenya Polytechnic and the Vision Institute of Professional Studies.

5. What is Nana Owiti’s date of birth? Nana Owiti’s date of birth is March 15th.


In unraveling the intricacies of Nana Owiti’s life, we are presented with a narrative teeming with resilience, fortitude, and unwavering determination. From her humble beginnings to her meteoric rise in various spheres, Nana Owiti embodies the quintessence of a modern-day luminary. As we navigate through the tapestry of her experiences, one cannot help but be inspired by the indomitable spirit that defines her journey. Nana Owiti’s story serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for those who dare to dream and aspire for greatness.

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