Moses Tembe Biography: First Wife, Son, Family, Brother, Daughter, Net Worth

Moses Tembe Biography

Moses Tembe Biography – Moses Tembe, a prominent figure in South Africa, leads a life filled with remarkable milestones, familial bonds, and business triumphs. Let’s delve into the intricate details of his life.

Moses Tembe Biography

Moses Tembe Biography

Early Life and Moses Tembe Family

Born in 1963, Moses Tembe hails from a close-knit family. His late wife, Lulu Tembe, tragically passed away in 2004, leaving behind their three children, Zamatonga, Mbali, and Nosipho Tembe. Despite the loss, Moses remained resilient and dedicated to nurturing their family.

Moses Tembe Educational Background

He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of South Australia (UNISA) and holds a bachelor’s degree. Tembe obtained a Bachelor of Public Administration and a Master of Political Science degree. Additionally, he attained a financial management degree from the University of Cape Town.

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Wedding Moses Tembe

Following Lulu Tembe’s demise, Moses Tembe embarked on a new chapter by marrying Princess Ntandoyesizwe Zulu, the daughter of King Goodwill Zwelithini. Their union formed a blended family, including children from both previous marriages, Nellie and Vukile Tembe.

Moses Tembe Net Worth

As of 2024, Moses Tembe is a stalwart in the business realm, boasting a net worth estimated at $120 million. His entrepreneurial acumen and strategic investments have propelled him to the forefront of South Africa’s business landscape.

Moses Tembe Billionaire

Moses isn’t a billionaire; according to AnswerAfrica, his net worth is $100 million. He owns Moses Tembe Investments (PTY) Ltd, generating an estimated annual revenue of $2.45 million. Apart from this, he holds stakes in several other South African businesses, including Phumelela Gaming & Leisure, Mr Price Partners Share Trust, Elgin Brown & Hamer (Pty) Ltd, Dynachem (Pty) Ltd, Santova Logistics (Pty) Ltd, Durban Infrastructure Development Trust, and Crescendo Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd.

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Additionally, Tembe possesses various properties and luxury cars, with one residence in South Africa and others in the United States.

Legacy and Influence

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Moses Tembe’s legacy transcends wealth. His commitment to family, community, and philanthropy leaves an indelible mark. His leadership inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs and underscores the importance of integrity and resilience in pursuing success.


Q: Who was Moses Tembe’s first wife?

A: Moses Tembe’s first wife was Lulu Tembe, who unfortunately passed away in 2004, leaving behind three children.

Q: What is Moses Tembe’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Moses Tembe’s net worth is estimated at $120 million, solidifying his position as a prominent business mogul in South Africa.

Q: How many children does Moses Tembe have?

A: Moses Tembe is a father to five children: Zamatonga, Mbali, Nosipho, Nellie, and Vukile Tembe.


In conclusion, Moses Tembe’s biography is a testament to resilience, love, and success. From navigating personal loss to achieving remarkable professional milestones, he exemplifies the qualities of a true leader. As we unravel the layers of his life, we are reminded of the power of determination and the importance of cherishing familial bonds. Moses Tembe’s journey inspires generations to come, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends wealth and status.

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