Mary Chilima Biography: Age, Home Village, Illness

mary chilima biography

Mary Chilima Biography – Mary Chilima, the widow of Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima, is a woman who has shown immense strength and resilience in the face of personal tragedy. Her life, marked by her role as the spouse of a prominent political figure, has recently come under the spotlight due to a heartbreaking incident. Despite the public interest, much about her personal life, including her age and home village, remains undisclosed. This biography looks into her life, the recent tragedy involving her husband, and her enduring strength.

Mary Chilima Biography

Early Life and Background

Mary Chilima has always been a private individual, with little known about her early life and background. Details such as her age and home village are not publicly available, reflecting her preference for maintaining a low profile despite her husband’s political career. Her life took a significant turn when she married Saulos Chilima, a prominent political figure in Malawi.

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Marriage to Saulos Chilima

Mary Chilima’s marriage to Saulos Chilima brought her into the public eye. Saulos Chilima, a significant figure in Malawi’s political landscape, served as the Vice President of the country. Throughout their marriage, Mary has been a supportive spouse, often seen by her husband’s side at various public and political events. Her grace and composure in these roles have been noted by many.

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Recent Tragedy

The recent tragedy that struck the Chilima family has been a deeply emotional period for Mary Chilima. Following a search and rescue mission for a missing flight feared to have crash-landed in Chikangawa, it was confirmed that Mary Chilima was not among the missing passengers. Initially, there were fears that both Vice President Saulos Chilima and his wife were on the plane. However, the passenger manifest later revealed that former First Lady Patricia Shanil Muluzi was among the eight passengers on the Malawi Defence Forces-owned aircraft.

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Saulos Chilima’s Passing

The news of Vice President Saulos Chilima’s passing was a devastating blow to the nation and an unimaginable loss for Mary Chilima. When she received his body, her emotional breakdown was a poignant moment that highlighted the deep bond they shared. This tragic event has undoubtedly been a challenging ordeal for Mary, who has had to navigate her grief while under the public eye.

Mary Chilima’s Strength and Resilience

Despite the profound sorrow, Mary Chilima has demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience. Her ability to maintain her composure and dignity during such a difficult time has been inspirational to many. Her public appearances and statements reflect a woman of immense courage, committed to honoring her husband’s legacy while managing her personal grief.


Q1: How old is Mary Chilima? A: Mary Chilima’s age is not publicly disclosed.

Q2: Where is Mary Chilima’s home village? A: Mary Chilima’s home village is not publicly disclosed.

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Q3: What illness does Mary Chilima have? A: There are no public records of Mary Chilima having any illness. The recent mention of her in the news pertains to the tragic passing of her husband, Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Q4: Was Mary Chilima on the missing flight in Chikangawa? A: No, Mary Chilima was not on the missing flight. Initially, there were fears she might have been, but it was confirmed that she was not among the passengers.

Q5: Who was on the missing flight in Chikangawa? A: Former First Lady Patricia Shanil Muluzi was among the eight passengers on the Malawi Defence Forces-owned aircraft.


Mary Chilima’s life has been a testament to quiet strength and unwavering support. As the widow of Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima, she has faced recent personal tragedy with grace and resilience. While much about her personal life remains private, her public presence speaks volumes about her character. As she continues to navigate this difficult period, her strength remains an inspiration to many.

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