Francisco Quisumbing Biography: Full Name, Picture, Contribution, Born, Birthday, Specialization, Invention

Francisco Quisumbing Biography

Francisco Quisumbing Biography – Francisco Quisumbing, born Francisco Arguelles Quisumbing on December 29, 1893, was a distinguished Filipino botanist renowned for his remarkable contributions to botany and the invention of Quink ink.

Francisco Quisumbing Biography

Francisco Quisumbing Early Life and Education

Quisumbing’s journey began with his education at the University of the Philippines School of Agriculture, where he earned his BSc in 1918. He further pursued his studies in the United States, obtaining an MSc in 1921 and a Ph.D. in Plant Taxonomy, Systematics, and Morphology from the University of Chicago in 1923.

Francisco Quisumbing Contributions to Botany

Quisumbing’s specialization lay in the study of orchids, where his expertise flourished. His profound understanding of botanical sciences led to significant advancements in the field, earning him recognition both locally and internationally.

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Francisco Quisumbing Invention of Quink Ink

One of Quisumbing’s most notable achievements was the invention of Quink ink, which revolutionized writing instruments. While it is often associated with The Parker Pen Company, there is debate surrounding the origin of its name. Some claim it stands for “Quisumbing Ink,” while others argue it derives from “quick and ink.” Despite the ambiguity, Quisumbing’s role in its development remains undisputed.

Francisco Quisumbing Legacy and Impact

Quisumbing’s legacy extends beyond his inventions. He played a pivotal role in academia, serving as a professor and founding the Quisumbing School of Technology. His contributions to the Philippines’ scientific community left an indelible mark, shaping the landscape of botany and industrial chemistry.


Q: What was Francisco Quisumbing’s full name?

A: Francisco Quisumbing’s full name was Francisco Arguelles Quisumbing.

Q: What was Francisco Quisumbing’s specialization?

A: Francisco Quisumbing specialized in the study of orchids.

Q: When was Francisco Quisumbing born?

A: Francisco Quisumbing was born on December 29, 1893.

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Q: What did Francisco Quisumbing invent?

A: Francisco Quisumbing is credited with the invention of Quink ink.


Francisco Quisumbing’s life is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the pursuit of knowledge. His groundbreaking inventions and contributions to botany continue to inspire generations of scientists. As we reflect on his legacy, let us remember Francisco Quisumbing as a pioneer whose impact transcends borders and time.

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