Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Biography: State Of Origin, Children, Twitter, Kids

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Biography

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Biography – Erelu Ngozi Adeleke, the esteemed First Lady of Osun State, holds a prominent place in Nigerian society. Let’s delve into her biography, exploring her roots, family life, and social media presence.

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Biography

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Biography

Who is Ngozi Adeleke?

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke is recognized as the first wife of the Governor of Osun State. Her contributions to the state have been acknowledged, as evidenced by the ‘Excellent Award’ bestowed upon her by the Resident Doctors of the Osun State University Teaching Hospital.

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke State of Origin

Born in Dimorji Obokwe Mbieri, Imo State, Nigeria, Erelu Ngozi Adeleke hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, specifically Imo State.

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Erelu Ngozi Adeleke Children

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke, a proud mother, was born on March 5th, 1964. She has four children with the Governor of Osun State. Her eldest daughter is Folashade Adeleke, followed by Shina Rambo, B-Red, and the youngest, Adenike Adeleke. B-Red and Shina Rambo are well-known figures in the music industry, with bases in California and Las Vegas, USA.

Official Handle and Website

Stay updated with Erelu Ngozi Adeleke through her official Twitter handle @NgoziAdeleke and her website

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke’s Instagram

Follow Erelu Ngozi Adeleke’s Instagram account @officialerelungoziadeleke for glimpses into her life and activities.


1. How many children does Erelu Ngozi Adeleke have?

Erelu Ngozi Adeleke has four children.

2. What are the names of Erelu Ngozi Adeleke’s sons?

Her sons are Shina Rambo and B-Red.

3. Is Erelu Ngozi Adeleke active on Twitter?

Yes, she is active on Twitter with the handle @NgoziAdeleke.

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Erelu Ngozi Adeleke’s life exemplifies grace, leadership, and family values. As the First Lady of Osun State, she continues to make significant contributions to society. Follow her journey on social media platforms to stay updated with her endeavors and achievements.

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