Cyrille Payumo Biography: Height, Age, Parents, Nationality, Birthday, Title, Instagram, Wikipedia

Cyrille Payumo Biography

Cyrille Payumo Biography – Who is Cyrille Payumo? Cyrille Payumo is a celebrated Filipino beauty queen and model. She has garnered significant attention in the pageant world, and in 2024, she is a prominent candidate for the Miss Universe Philippines beauty pageant. Cyrille’s journey in the realm of beauty pageants is marked by her grace, intelligence, and dedication to her advocacies.

Cyrille Payumo Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Porac, Pampanga, Philippines, Cyrille Payumo has always been a symbol of elegance and poise. She is 26 years old as of 2024 and has a height of 5’9 1/2, which adds to her striking presence.

Cyrille pursued her education at Holy Angel University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism Management. Her academic background has played a significant role in shaping her career and advocacy. Cyrille is passionate about promoting tourism and responsible travel, not just within the Philippines but globally.

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Cyrille Payumo Beauty Pageant Career

Cyrille Payumo’s journey in beauty pageants is both impressive and inspiring. Here’s a look at her milestones:

  1. 2024: Cyrille is a candidate for Miss Universe Philippines.
  2. 2022: She participated in Binibining Pilipinas, one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the Philippines.
  3. 2019: Cyrille won the title of Miss Tourism International in Malaysia. In the same year, she was the first runner-up in Mutya Pilipinas.

These achievements highlight Cyrille’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to her goals.

Cyrille Payumo Titles and Achievements

In 2024, Cyrille holds the title of Miss Universe Philippines – Pampanga. This title not only signifies her beauty and grace but also her role as an ambassador for her province. Her participation in various beauty pageants has earned her recognition and respect in the industry.

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Cyrille Payumo Nationality and Family Background

Cyrille Payumo is a proud Filipino. While details about her parents remain undisclosed, her strong connection to her hometown, Porac, Pampanga, is evident in her dedication to representing her roots on national and international platforms.

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Cyrille Payumo Advocacy and Professional Life

Cyrille’s advocacy centers around promoting tourism and responsible travel. She believes in the importance of being a responsible tourist. She encourages others to respect and preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the places they visit.

Professionally, Cyrille is a fashion model and a tourism ambassador. Her dual roles allow her to combine her passion for modeling with her commitment to promoting tourism.

Cyrille Payumo Instagram – Social Media Presence

Cyrille Payumo is active on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life, travels, and pageant experiences. You can follow her journey on Instagram @payumocyrille.


1. What is Cyrille Payumo’s height? Cyrille Payumo stands at 5’9 1/2.

2. How old is Cyrille Payumo? As of 2024, Cyrille Payumo is 26 years old.

3. Where is Cyrille Payumo from? Cyrille Payumo hails from Porac, Pampanga, Philippines.

4. What title does Cyrille Payumo hold in 2024? Cyrille Payumo is Miss Universe Philippines – Pampanga 2024.

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5. What is Cyrille Payumo’s advocacy? Cyrille advocates for promoting tourism and responsible travel.

6. What degree did Cyrille Payumo earn? Cyrille graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management from Holy Angel University.

7. Where can I follow Cyrille Payumo on social media? You can follow her on Instagram @payumocyrille.


Cyrille Payumo’s journey from Porac, Pampanga, to the national stage of Miss Universe Philippines is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion. As a beauty queen, model, and tourism advocate, she continues to inspire many with her grace, intelligence, and commitment to her advocacies. Cyrille Payumo is indeed a name to watch out for in the world of beauty pageants and beyond.

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