Babu Owino Biography: Indian Father, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wife Tribe, Education

Babu Owino Biography

Babu Owino Biography – Embark on a journey through the life of Babu Owino, the Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, as we delve into his unique family dynamics, educational pursuits, personal relationships, financial standing, and cultural heritage.

Babu Owino Biography

Babu Owino Biography

Babu Owino Family Background

Born due to an extramarital affair with an Indian expatriate, Babu Owino’s unconventional family background adds an intriguing layer to his identity, shaping his perspective and experiences.

Babu Owino Education

Babu Owino’s educational journey is marked by academic excellence and determination. After attending Kisumu Boys’ Secondary School, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Nairobi, graduating with First Class Honors. Later, he returned to pursue a degree in Law, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and intellectual growth.

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Babu Owino’s Wealth and Controversies Unveiled

Babu Owino, the former SONU Chair, has addressed speculations surrounding his wealth, shedding light on its origins during an appearance on Citizen TV’s Big Question.

Contrary to rumors linking him to illicit activities, Babu Owino emphasized that his wealth is derived from legitimate sources. He disclosed ownership of several companies across various sectors in Kenya, including a supplies company, a property and construction firm, and involvement in farming.

Babu Owino also shared a fascinating anecdote about his association with Libya’s late president, Muammar Gaddafi, who was a close friend and financial supporter. However, Babu Owino described himself as a “financial orphan” following Gaddafis demise. He mentioned seeking support from other international contacts, whose identities he chose not to disclose for security reasons.

In a lighter vein, Babu Owino’s political career has not been devoid of controversial moments. His infamous alteration of the oath during his entry into the National Assembly by adding “and Raila Amolo Odinga” sparked considerable debate. Additionally, incidents involving altercations with individuals, including chopping off the fingers of the then Secretary-General and alleged involvement in student drug use, have added to his polarizing image.

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Despite these controversies, Babu Owino continues to assert his legitimacy and the diverse sources of his wealth, positioning himself as a prominent figure in Kenya’s political landscape.

Babu Owino Wife

Fridah Ongili, Babu Owino’s wife, stands as a pillar of support in his life journey. Their enduring partnership spans over 13 years, bridging cultural differences as Fridah hails from the Kikuyu tribe while Babu Owino is Luo.

Babu Owino Net Worth

With diverse business ventures spanning property investment, nightclub ownership, and farming, Babu Owino’s net worth reportedly stands at Sh855 million as of 2024, a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and financial success.

Babu Owino Age

Babu Owino, born on 10th October 1989, celebrates 34 years of life, marked by achievements in his political career and personal endeavors.

Babu Owino Source of Wealth

Babu Owino’s wealth accumulation is attributed to his various business ventures, including investment in property, nightclub establishments across Mombasa, Nairobi, and Eldoret, and agricultural pursuits in Kinangop.

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Babu Owino Constituency and County

Representing the Embakasi East constituency, Babu Owino’s roots trace back to Nyalenda in Kisumu County, grounding his political activism and advocacy in the local community where he was born and raised.


In this exploration of Babu Owino’s biography, we’ve uncovered facets of his life story, ranging from his complex family background and educational achievements to his enduring marriage, financial success, and cultural diversity. Babu Owino’s journey inspires transcending boundaries and showcasing the resilience and determination of an individual driven by purpose and ambition to pursue excellence.

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