Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Biography: Age, Wife, Transfer, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Twitter

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Biography

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Biography – Anayat Ali Choudhary, an illustrious IPS officer, has made significant contributions to the Indian police services since his appointment. Born on April 24, 1993, in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir, Choudhary’s career has been marked by numerous achievements and a strong commitment to his duties. This biography provides an in-depth look into his life, career, and achievements, including his age, transfer history, net worth, and social media presence.

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Biography

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Early Life and Education

Anayat Ali Choudhary hails from Rajouri, a district in Jammu and Kashmir. Although specific details about his educational background are not disclosed, his professional accomplishments speak volumes about his dedication and hard work.

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Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Career Milestones

Initial Appointment

Choudhary began his journey in the Indian Police Service on August 28, 2017. His exemplary service and commitment quickly earned him recognition.

Promotions and Current Rank

On January 1, 2021, Choudhary was promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). His current pay scale is Level-11, ranging from ₹67,700 to ₹2,08,700.

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Transfers

One of the significant milestones in his career was his transfer from the position of AIG (Procurement) PHQ to SSP Kathua on May 24, 2023. This move was made by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir in the interest of administration. Choudhary replaced Shiv Deep Singh Jamwal, who was asked to await further posting at the Police Headquarters.

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Wife – Personal Life

Anayat Ali Choudhary maintains a private personal life. Details about his marital status and family are not publicly disclosed.

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Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Twitter – Social Media Presence

Choudhary is active on Twitter under the handle @AnayatAliIPS, where he engages with the public and shares updates about his professional activities.

Anayat Ali Choudhary IPS Contact Information

For official communications, Choudhary can be reached at:


Q1: What is Anayat Ali Choudhary’s date of birth? A1: Anayat Ali Choudhary was born on April 24, 1993.

Q2: When did Anayat Ali Choudhary join the Indian Police Service? A2: He joined the IPS on August 28, 2017.

Q3: What is the current rank of Anayat Ali Choudhary? A3: He currently holds the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

Q4: Where is Anayat Ali Choudhary currently posted? A4: He is currently posted as the SSP of Kathua district.

Q5: How can one contact Anayat Ali Choudhary? A5: He can be contacted via mobile at 7006708406 or email at

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Anayat Ali Choudhary’s journey in the Indian Police Service is a testament to his dedication and hard work. His career, marked by significant promotions and strategic postings, reflects his capability and commitment to serving the nation. For those looking to follow his professional updates, his active presence on Twitter offers insights into his ongoing contributions to law enforcement.

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