Sharon Adeleke Biography: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Instagram, Date of Birth

sharon adeleke biography

Sharon Adeleke Biography – Sharon Adeleke, a name synonymous with both luxury and hard work, is a remarkable individual known for her entrepreneurial spirit and strong family ties. As the elder sister of the renowned Nigerian musician Davido, Sharon has carved her own niche in the business world. Let’s look into her biography, including her net worth, age, husband, Instagram presence, and date of birth.

Who is Sharon Adeleke?

Sharon Adeleke was born on March 28th, 1991, into the affluent family of Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke. Despite her privileged upbringing, Sharon believed in creating her own path and fortune. She is the proud owner of Rona Wigs, a popular brand known for its quality and style. Sharon’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her belief that her father’s wealth is not hers to rely on; instead, she aims to build her own empire just like her younger brother, Davido.

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Sharon Adeleke Age

Born in 1991, Sharon Adeleke is 33 years old as of 2024. Her life experiences and business acumen make her a notable figure in the Nigerian business landscape.

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Sharon Adeleke Net Worth

As of 2024, Sharon Adeleke’s net worth is estimated to be around $13.5 million. Her wealth is a result of her successful business ventures, particularly in the beauty and fashion industry with her brand, Rona Wigs.

Sharon Adeleke Husband

Sharon Adeleke is happily married to Yomi Ademefum. Their relationship is a beautiful blend of love and mutual respect, and they are often seen supporting each other in various personal and professional endeavors.

Sharon Adeleke Instagram

For a closer look into her life, you can follow Sharon Adeleke on Instagram @lifeofrona01. Her Instagram profile provides a glimpse into her daily activities, business updates, and family moments, offering a personal connection to her followers.

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Sharon Adeleke Date of Birth

Sharon Adeleke was born on March 28th, 1991. Her birthday is celebrated with much enthusiasm by her family, friends, and fans.

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1. What is Sharon Adeleke known for? Sharon Adeleke is known for being the elder sister of Davido and the owner of Rona Wigs, a successful beauty and fashion brand.

2. How old is Sharon Adeleke? As of 2024, Sharon Adeleke is 33 years old.

3. What is Sharon Adeleke’s net worth? Her net worth is estimated to be $13.5 million as of 2024.

4. Is Sharon Adeleke married? Yes, she is married to Yomi Ademefum.

5. Where can I follow Sharon Adeleke on social media? You can follow her on Instagram at @lifeofrona01.


Sharon Adeleke is an inspiring figure whose life is a blend of privilege and hard-earned success. Her journey from being a member of a wealthy family to establishing her own successful business is truly motivational. As she continues to grow and inspire others, Sharon Adeleke remains a significant personality in the business world and beyond.

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