Putuma Tiso Biography: Age, Date Of Birth, Husband, Instagram

Putuma Tiso Biography

Putuma Tiso Biography – Putuma Tiso is a renowned gospel singer, songwriter, and sessionist hailing from Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape, now based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Her career, which initially took off in the jazz genre, has seen her collaborate with legends such as Bra Hugh Masekela. Transitioning to gospel, Putuma has worked with numerous icons, including Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube. Dedicated to worship and service to God, her recent release, “Sacred Moments,” is available on digital platforms and CD.

Putuma Tiso Biography

Early Life and Career

Transition from Jazz to Gospel

Putuma Tiso began her musical journey with jazz, a genre that allowed her to hone her vocal skills and artistry. Her early career was marked by collaborations with jazz legends, most notably the iconic Bra Hugh Masekela. This experience enriched her musical foundation and paved the way for her transition to gospel music.

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Gospel Music Journey

In the gospel scene, Putuma Tiso’s contributions have been significant. She has collaborated with prominent figures such as Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube. Her dedication to the worship and service of God has been evident throughout her career, influencing her music and performances.

Putuma Tiso Husband – Personal Life


Putuma Tiso has kept much of her personal life private, including her age and date of birth. However, she has shared glimpses of her personal joy on social media. On Instagram, she announced her marriage with the heartfelt post: “Becoming Mrs Nkambule. One of the happiest days of my life, I thank God and the love of my life.”

Social Media Presence

Putuma is active on Instagram, where she shares updates about her music and personal life with her followers. Her Instagram handle is @putuma_music, and it offers a glimpse into her life and career.

Recent Work: “Sacred Moments”

Putuma Tiso’s latest release, “Sacred Moments,” is a testament to her devotion to gospel music. This album, available on digital platforms and CD, reflects her deep faith and commitment to spreading the message of God’s love through her music. Each track on the album is a blend of soulful melodies and powerful lyrics, resonating with listeners and worshippers alike.

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Who is Putuma Tiso?

Putuma Tiso is a gospel singer, songwriter, and sessionist from Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, now based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She started her career in jazz and has collaborated with legends like Bra Hugh Masekela. In the gospel scene, she has worked with notable artists including Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube.

How old is Putuma Tiso?

Putuma Tiso’s age is not publicly disclosed.

Is Putuma Tiso married?

Yes, Putuma Tiso is married. She announced her marriage on Instagram, referring to herself as Mrs. Nkambule.

What is Putuma Tiso’s Instagram handle?

Putuma Tiso’s Instagram handle is @putuma_music.


Putuma Tiso’s journey from a jazz singer to a celebrated gospel artist is inspiring. Her collaborations with musical legends and her devotion to gospel music have solidified her place in the industry. With her latest album, “Sacred Moments,” she continues to touch the hearts of many. Follow her on Instagram at @putuma_music to stay updated on her musical journey and personal life.

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