Kingface Cause Of Death: Wife, Wikipedia

Kingface Cause Of Death

Kingface Cause Of Death – KingFace, born Larry Henry, was a prominent Trump-supporting hip-hop artist and social media influencer. He was known for his vocal support of conservative values and his involvement in the MAGA movement. Tragically, KingFace passed away on September 28, 2020, at the age of 38. His death was a significant loss to his fans, friends, and family. In this post, we look into the details surrounding his untimely death, his personal life, and the impact he left behind.

KingFace Cause of Death

KingFace’s health issues came to light in July 2020 when he fell into a coma due to a severe kidney infection. The infection had spread throughout his body, leading to critical complications. His friend, Stefan Urquelle, revealed these details in an Instagram Live post in August. According to Urquelle, KingFace had been very private about his health struggles and wished to keep the situation confidential. Unfortunately, despite efforts to maintain privacy, the severity of his condition eventually became public knowledge.

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Urquelle mentioned that the hospital bills had been mounting, prompting the creation of a GoFundMe account to assist with the financial burden. By the time of KingFace’s passing, the fundraising page had garnered over $80,500. This financial support was crucial in managing the extensive medical expenses that arose from his prolonged hospital stay.

KingFace Wife: Marion Krouser

KingFace is survived by his wife, Marion Krouser. Throughout his health ordeal, Krouser stood by her husband, navigating the challenging period with strength and resilience. The GoFundMe page set up to aid with medical costs was also a source of support for Krouser during this difficult time. The love and solidarity shown by the community were a testament to the impact KingFace had on those around him.

Public Reactions and Tributes

The news of KingFace’s passing elicited an outpouring of grief and tributes from friends, fans, and fellow conservatives. Rob Smith, a conservative activist and friend of KingFace, confirmed his death in a heartfelt Facebook post. Smith’s announcement highlighted the deep bond they shared and the void left by KingFace’s absence.

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Bryson Gray, another conservative hip-hop artist, took to Twitter to express his sorrow. He praised KingFace for his authenticity and support within the MAGA movement. Gray’s tweet reflected the admiration and respect KingFace had garnered among his peers.

KingFace’s Legacy

KingFace was more than just a hip-hop artist; he was a beacon of conservative ideals and a prominent figure in the MAGA community. His final public appearance was in July 2020 during an interview with conservative commentator Candace Owens. In addition to his music, KingFace used his platform to promote conservative messages and Trump’s achievements through his official website, where he sold various types of clothing with political slogans.


What was the cause of KingFace’s death?

KingFace passed away due to complications from a kidney infection that spread throughout his body, leading to a coma and ultimately his death.

Who is KingFace’s wife?

KingFace is survived by his wife, Marion Krouser.

How did KingFace’s health condition become public?

KingFace’s friend, Stefan Urquelle, revealed the details of his health condition in an Instagram Live post in August 2020. Prior to this, KingFace had wished to keep his health struggles private.

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How did the community support KingFace during his illness?

A GoFundMe page was set up to assist with KingFace’s mounting hospital bills, raising over $80,500 by the time of his death.

What is KingFace’s legacy?

KingFace is remembered for his music, his outspoken support for conservative values, and his influence within the MAGA community.


The passing of KingFace, also known as Larry Henry, was a significant loss to his family, friends, and the broader community that admired his work and dedication. Despite his untimely death, KingFace’s legacy as a hip-hop artist and a conservative influencer continues to resonate. His journey serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

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