Keith Talens Biography: Wife Age, Instagram, Wikipedia

Keith Talens Biography

Keith Talens Biography – Keith Talens is a renowned YouTube vlogger from the Philippines who has gained immense popularity for his engaging family prank videos. His unique content features his family members, creating a blend of humor and warmth that resonates with his audience. In this blog post, we will delve into the life of Keith Talens, exploring details about his wife, age, Instagram presence, and much more.

Keith Talens Biography

Who is Keith Talens?

Keith Talens, born on July 4, in Santiago, Philippines, is a charismatic vlogger who has carved a niche in the YouTube community with his entertaining content. He primarily produces vlogs in the Filipino language, making his content relatable and accessible to his local audience. Keith’s channel is filled with various prank videos, often involving his family members, adding a personal and endearing touch to his work.

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Keith is affiliated with ‘STAR MAGIC,’ a broadcasting and media production company based in Quezon City, Philippines. This association has helped him expand his reach and refine his content, contributing to his growing popularity.

Personal Life and Family

Keith Talens currently resides in Parañaque, Philippines, with his girlfriend, Vena, and their daughter, Kiyomi. His family plays a significant role in his vlogs, often participating in his prank videos. Keith’s content is not only entertaining but also showcases the strong bond he shares with his family, which is a central theme of his channel.

One of the unique aspects of Keith’s vlogs is the inclusion of his 94-year-old grandmother. Her presence adds a special charm to his videos, highlighting the multi-generational aspect of his family and providing viewers with heartwarming and humorous content.

Keith Talens’ Age

Keith Talens is currently 31 years old. Despite his relatively young age, he has achieved significant success and built a substantial following on YouTube, thanks to his creativity and the relatable nature of his content.

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Keith Talens’ Wife

While Keith Talens frequently features his girlfriend Vena in his videos, details about her age and other personal information have not been disclosed. Vena’s presence in his vlogs adds to the authenticity and appeal of his content, as viewers enjoy seeing the dynamic between the couple.

Keith Talens on Instagram

Keith Talens is active on Instagram under the handle @keithtalensyt. His Instagram account serves as an extension of his YouTube channel, where he shares snippets of his life, behind-the-scenes content, and updates about his latest videos. With a growing follower base, his Instagram presence allows him to connect with his audience on a more personal level.


Q: Who is Keith Talens?
A: Keith Talens is a Filipino YouTube vlogger known for his family prank videos. He features his family members, including his girlfriend Vena and daughter Kiyomi, in his vlogs.

Q: How old is Keith Talens?
A: Keith Talens is 31 years old.

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Q: Where does Keith Talens live?
A: Keith Talens currently resides in Parañaque, Philippines.

Q: Is Keith Talens married?
A: Keith Talens is not married but has a girlfriend named Vena.

Q: What is Keith Talens’ Instagram handle?
A: Keith Talens’ Instagram handle is @keithtalensyt.

Q: Does Keith Talens have children?
A: Yes, Keith Talens has a daughter named Kiyomi.


Keith Talens has successfully established himself as a beloved YouTube vlogger, captivating his audience with his humorous and heartfelt family prank videos. His ability to blend humor with genuine family moments has earned him a dedicated following. As he continues to create engaging content, Keith Talens remains a prominent figure in the Filipino YouTube community, inspiring many with his creativity and authenticity.

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