John Lindo Biography: Wife, Wikipedia, Family, Height And Weight, Instagram

John Lindo Biography

John Lindo Biography – John Lindo is a name synonymous with the West Coast Swing dance scene. Known for his energetic style and thrilling leverage moves, he has captivated audiences around the world. As an international West Coast Swing Champion, competitor, teacher, coach, judge, and DJ, John Lindo’s contributions to the dance world are immense. In this comprehensive biography, we look into his life, career, and personal details, including his marriage to Jessica McCurdy and his presence on Instagram.

Who is John Lindo?

John Lindo is a celebrated figure in the world of West Coast Swing. His dynamic and energetic dancing style has earned him numerous accolades and a significant following. Not only is he a champion dancer, but he is also a respected teacher, coach, and judge. Lindo’s impact on the dance community extends beyond his performances, as he also serves as a chief judge and DJ at various dance events.

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John Lindo Wife

While John Lindo is a public figure, he tends to keep his personal life private. Although it is widely known that he is married to Jessica McCurdy, details about their relationship are not extensively disclosed. Jessica McCurdy, like John, is involved in the swing dance scene, and the couple is often seen dancing together, mesmerizing audiences with their chemistry and skill.

Is John Lindo Married to Jessica McCurdy?

John Lindo and Jessica McCurdy share a special bond both on and off the dance floor. They are frequently seen performing together, showcasing their seamless coordination and mutual love for dance. Their partnership extends beyond their personal relationship, as they continue to inspire many within the swing dance community through their performances and teachings.

John Lindo Age

Information regarding John Lindo’s age is not publicly disclosed. He maintains a level of privacy about his personal details, focusing instead on his professional accomplishments and contributions to the dance world.

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Is John Lindo Married?

Yes, John Lindo is married to Jessica McCurdy. The couple shares a passion for West Coast Swing and often dances together at various events and competitions. Their partnership is a testament to their dedication to the art of dance and their mutual support for each other.

John Lindo Family

Details about John Lindo’s family are not publicly available. He prefers to keep his family life private, ensuring that the focus remains on his professional endeavors and achievements within the dance community.

John Lindo Height and Weight

John Lindo has not publicly disclosed his height and weight. His physical presence on the dance floor, however, speaks volumes about his agility and athleticism. His dance style requires strength, precision, and coordination, all of which he exhibits effortlessly.

John Lindo Instagram

For those interested in following John Lindo’s dance journey and personal insights, his Instagram handle is @johntlindo. On Instagram, he shares snippets of his performances, dance events, and moments from his personal life, giving fans a glimpse into his world.

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1. Who is John Lindo? John Lindo is an international West Coast Swing Champion, competitor, teacher, coach, judge, and DJ known for his energetic style and exciting leverage moves.

2. Is John Lindo married to Jessica McCurdy? Yes, John Lindo is married to Jessica McCurdy, and the couple is often seen dancing together at various events.

3. What is John Lindo’s age? John Lindo’s age is not publicly disclosed.

4. Does John Lindo have a family? John Lindo keeps details about his family private and does not disclose personal information publicly.

5. What are John Lindo’s height and weight? John Lindo has not disclosed his height and weight publicly.

6. Where can I follow John Lindo on social media? You can follow John Lindo on Instagram with the handle @johntlindo.


John Lindo’s influence in the West Coast Swing dance community is profound. His achievements as a dancer, teacher, and judge have inspired many and contributed significantly to the art of swing dancing. While he keeps his personal life private, his professional life is an open book, filled with remarkable accomplishments and dedication to the dance form. Follow John Lindo on Instagram to stay updated with his latest dance endeavors and performances.

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