Daniel Koikai Biography: Age, Tribe

Daniel Koikai Biography

Daniel Koikai Biography – Ambassador Daniel Koikai, a notable figure in Kenya’s reggae scene, left a significant mark on many lives before his untimely death. On Friday, June 14, the same day as his daughter Mary Njambi’s burial, he passed away. This biography explores his life, his connections, and the heart-wrenching tributes shared by his family and friends.

Daniel Koikai Biography

Early Life and Career

While the exact age of Daniel Koikai remains undisclosed, his journey is well documented. A proud member of the Kenyan community, Daniel dedicated much of his life to cultural and musical endeavors. He served as an ambassador and was well respected in his professional circles.

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Tributes and Family

Daniel Koikai’s family paid moving tributes following his death. His uncle, during an emotional memorial service at Nairobi Chapel, read a tribute that Daniel had prepared for his daughter Njambi. He poignantly recalled how Njambi was born on January 24, 1986, when he was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite being separated for many years due to his job postings, Daniel cherished the moments they reunited, particularly when Njambi was in Form 3.

Njambi Koikai: A Daughter’s Journey

Njambi Koikai, born to Daniel on January 24, 1986, led an ambitious life, driven by her father’s support. Despite the challenges of endometriosis, Njambi pursued her dreams fervently. Daniel’s tribute recounted the significant role he played in her education and how their bond strengthened over the years.

The Final Goodbye

In his final tribute to Njambi, Daniel Koikai recalled the heartbreaking last words his daughter shared with him. Njambi expressed gratitude for his visit to her hospital bed, a moment that Daniel deeply cherished. The loss of both father and daughter in such close succession brought immense sorrow to their loved ones.

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Tributes from Friends and Public Figures

Njambi’s sister, Barbara, and friends, including CNN International journalist Larry Madowo and endometriosis warrior Ciru Muriuki, shared moving tributes. They remembered Njambi as a pillar of strength, a supporter, and a dear friend who inspired many despite her illness.


The story of Daniel Koikai and his daughter Njambi is one of love, loss, and enduring legacy. Their lives touched many, and their memories continue to inspire. As we remember them, we honor their contributions to their family, friends, and the larger community.


Who was Daniel Koikai?

Daniel Koikai was a renowned Kenyan Reggae MC and ambassador known for his cultural contributions and musical influence.

What tribe did Daniel Koikai belong to?

Daniel Koikai was from Kenya, representing the rich cultural heritage of the country.

When did Daniel Koikai pass away?

Daniel Koikai passed away on Friday, June 14, the same day as his daughter Mary Njambi’s burial.

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What was the relationship between Daniel Koikai and Njambi?

Daniel Koikai was the father of Mary Njambi. Despite periods of separation due to his work, they shared a close and supportive relationship.

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