Aisha Yesufu Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age, Phone Number, Mother, Twitter, Wikipedia, State Of Origin

Aisha Yesufu Biography

Aisha Yesufu Biography – Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu is a renowned Nigerian political activist and businesswoman. Born on December 12, 1973, she has made significant contributions to social justice movements in Nigeria, most notably the #BringBackOurGirls and End SARS campaigns. This biography looks into her life, including her background, family, activism, and more.

Aisha Yesufu Biography

Early Life and Education

Aisha Yesufu was born and raised in Kano State, Nigeria. Despite being from Agbede in Edo State, her upbringing in Kano exposed her to the harsh realities faced by girls in a patriarchal society. By the age of 11, many of her female peers had either been married off or had died in childbirth. This stark reality fueled her determination to pursue a better life through education.

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She initially sought admission to the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1991 but was rejected due to her gender. Undeterred, Aisha enrolled at Usmanu Danfodiyo University in 1992, but political unrest led to the institution’s closure. She then moved to Ahmadu Bello University to study medicine, but once again faced disruptions when the university shut down following the assassination of a professor in 1994. Finally, she completed her education at Bayero University Kano, earning a degree in microbiology.


Aisha Yesufu’s activism began to gain prominence with her co-founding of the #BringBackOurGirls movement. This campaign brought global attention to the abduction of over 200 girls from a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria, on April 14, 2014, by the terrorist group Boko Haram. The movement called for the rescue of these girls and highlighted the broader issue of terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria.

In 2020, Aisha played a pivotal role in the End SARS protests, a youth-led movement against police brutality in Nigeria. Her fearless stance and vocal advocacy for justice made her a prominent figure in the fight against oppression.

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Aisha Yesufu Husband – Personal Life

Aisha Yesufu is married to Aliu Osigwe Yesufu. Together, they navigate their lives with mutual support and respect. Despite her public life, Aisha maintains a private personal life, and details such as her phone number remain undisclosed.

Her mother, Hajiya Zainab Muhammad nee Amiebenomo, has been a significant influence in her life, instilling in her the values of resilience and determination.

Aisha Yesufu Twitter – Social Media Presence

Aisha Yesufu is active on social media, using these platforms to amplify her advocacy. She can be followed on Twitter at @AishaYesufu, where she continues to engage with her followers and champion social justice causes.

Aisha Yesufu Net Worth

While Aisha Yesufu’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, her influence and impact in both business and activism speak volumes about her success and dedication.

Aisha Yesufu State of Origin

Aisha Yesufu’s heritage is rooted in Agbede, Edo State, although she was born and raised in Kano State. This diverse background enriches her perspective and approach to activism.

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1. Who is Aisha Yesufu? Aisha Yesufu is a Nigerian political activist and businesswoman, co-founder of the #BringBackOurGirls movement, and a prominent figure in the End SARS protests.

2. What is Aisha Yesufu’s age? Aisha Yesufu was born on December 12, 1973. She will be 51 years old on December 12, 2024.

3. Is Aisha Yesufu married? Yes, Aisha Yesufu is married to Aliu Osigwe Yesufu.

4. What is Aisha Yesufu’s state of origin? Aisha Yesufu is from Agbede in Edo State but was born and raised in Kano State.

5. What is Aisha Yesufu’s net worth? Aisha Yesufu’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.

6. Who is Aisha Yesufu’s mother? Aisha Yesufu’s mother is Hajiya Zainab Muhammad nee Amiebenomo.

7. What is Aisha Yesufu’s Twitter handle? Aisha Yesufu’s Twitter handle is @AishaYesufu.


Aisha Yesufu’s life is a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to justice. From her early struggles in a patriarchal society to her prominent role in national and international movements, she continues to inspire many with her courage and activism.

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